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Foundations of informatics - a bridging course

This course is listed in Aachen online as Foundations of informatics - a bridging course and listed in Bonn Basis as Foundations of Informatics - a bridging course.


Dr .Michael Nüsken (contact person)
Prof. Dr. Thomas Noll
PD Dr. Walter Unger


Due to the corona pandemic the exams will be performed orally in a remote setting. Updated plans are as of 24 June 2020. Still treat this info with care as no one knows the future. Stay tuned.

Exams will be performed orally in a remote setting.

Each student registered in RWTHonline has been contacted individually for making an appointment and informed about the precise procedure.

Each oral examination will take about 40 minutes in some 1 hour time slot via zoom.

For preparing to such an oral examination it is always a good idea, to identify for oneself which are the most important corner stones within each topic. And you should be able to answer the question which topic/result/issue is your favorite within such a week.

The exam is about the entire course.

The exam is offered twice a year. There is no further limit on the number of attempts.

Time & Place

First meeting: Monday, 7 October, 900.

Schedule as planned so far:

Week 1/2

All other teaching in this part is online. To participate

Week 3

Mon 1000 - 1230 and 1400 - 1700, b-it 0.109, each block includes 30 minutes break.
Tuesday is a self-learning day.
Wed-Fri 1000 - 1230 and 1400 - 1700, RWTH, each block includes 30 minutes break.

Week 4

Mon 1000 - 1230 and 1400 - 1700, b-it 0.109, each block includes 30 minutes break.
Tue-Fri 1000 - 1230 and 1400 - 1700, RWTH Aachen, Ahornstrasse 55, Building E1, Raum 4017 (Seminarraum des i1) , each block includes 30 minutes break.

Network access at Bonn

Possibly, your study advisor cares for first network access.

You may use eduroam.

For b-it accounts:

Some clarifications

Online course

All material for Week 1/2 is in the online course which is available from September 2019 to June December 2020.

Week 1 - Mathematical tools

This week will deal essentially with three subjects:


You might enjoy solving the geocache Felix Bauklötze.

Week 2 - Analysis of Algorithms



Week 3 - Regular Languages, Context-Free Languages, Processes and Concurrency

For organisational details, please refer to this web site.

Regular Languages

Context-Free Languages

Week 4 - Complexity

  1. Introduction to computability
  2. Undecidable problems; halting problem; theorem of Rice
  3. Recursive enumerability; PCP; Hilbert's tenth problem
  4. Introduction to complexity
  5. NP-completeness of selected graph problems
  6. NP-completeness of selected number problems

For slides email Walter Unger.


Equivalent V4+Ü4.
Note that all Media informatics courses only start in the third week of the lecturing period, so that everybody can participate in this course.

For some MI-students this course is obligatory, for the others it's optional. There are no credits for this course.

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