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Information about the online exam process

Due to the  particular sitation the examination will be performed as an online exam. Please read the following explanations carefully!

You must be part of the group '| 2022 SoSe | MA-INF 4228 - Foundations of Data Science - Technical test' within the eCampus course to get access. This will be the basis for the exam access list, so: If you are registered for the exam but you do not have access, contact me now!

Technical setup test and Pre-exam meeting: Wednesday, 10 August 2022, 1000-1200, online lecture room.

Exam1: Friday, 12 August 2022, 1000-1300, online (eCampus, BBB).

Post-exam1: individual exam reviews.

Exam2: Friday, 30 September 2022, 1300-1600, online (eCampus, BBB).

Post-exam2: individual exam reviews.

Needed tools for the exam:

  • Working camera and connection to BigBlueButton.
  • Access to eCampus.
  • Show (or print) a PDF.
  • Digitize several pages into a PDF and upload PDF to eCampus. (Scanner or camera...)
  • Paper, pens, ...

Allowed material:

  • all teaching materials from the lecture and the tutorial,
  • as well as all of your own materials and notes,
  • a calculator, a python or sage session,
  • cheat sheet (handwritten!, A4, double sided).

Detailed information is collected here.

Processing time

The processing time for the exam is 90 minutes. In addition, we grant a time reserve for scanning and uploading the solutions. The total time from the start of the exam to the latest handover is 120 minutes. The exam participants can divide these 120 minutes as they wish and are responsible for uploading the solutions themselves.

Type of examination and permitted resources

Not allowed

Course of the exam

Submission of the solutions

Grading of the exam

Even with the special nature of the exam, we are using the usual grading.

What you need


Emergency situations

If you have technical problems during the exam report this as soon as possible to the supervisor.
Try the following steps:

If all fails: Call +49/228/73-69-214 or call me on skype.

In case eCampus fails, you can use this emergency upload folder making sure that you use a speaking file name.

If that fails as well, as a last resort you may consider sending your solution PDF by emergency handin by email via this link to me.

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